If you’re an adventurer at heart, always seeking new horizons and challenging terrains, then having a reliable watch with a compass is an absolute must-have. Whether you’re trekking through the wilderness, exploring uncharted territories, or simply navigating your way through unfamiliar cities, a watch equipped with a compass becomes your trusted guide. In this blog post, we’ve curated the top 8 watch options that not only tell time but also point you in the right direction, ensuring you stay on track during your daring escapades. So, gear up and let’s dive into the world of adventure-ready timepieces with built-in compasses!

CASIO G9300-1 Mudman Sport Watch
✯ Durable and versatile ✯
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Casio SGW100B-3V Sport Watch
Recommended choice
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Casio SGW100 Men's Digital Watch
Timex Tide Temp Compass Watch
Mixed bag
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AOSLSI Outdoor Sport Watch
Survival Military Digital Watch

CASIO G9300-1 Mudman Sport Watch


The CASIO Men’s G9300-1 Mudman G-Shock Shock Resistant Multi-Function Sport Watch is a rugged and durable timepiece that is perfect for sports and outdoor activities. Made with tough solar technology, this watch ensures that you never have to worry about running out of power. It features a digital compass, altimeter, barometer, and thermometer, providing you with all the essential tools for outdoor navigation. The moon graph feature adds a unique touch to the watch, while the shock-resistant construction ensures that it can withstand any tough environment. With its reliable performance and stylish design, this watch is a great addition to any sports enthusiast’s collection.

Durable and rugged timepiece
  • Tough Solar
  • Digital Compass
  • Thermometer
  • Moon Graph
  • Shock Resistant
Features and Benefits
  • Rugged and durable
  • Solar powered
  • Shock resistant
  • Multi-function capabilities
  • Includes compass feature
  • Moon phase feature
  • Long battery life
  • Battery charging issues
  • Inconvenient location of the SIG setting
Durable and versatile
In conclusion, the CASIO Men’s G9300-1 Mudman G-Shock Shock Resistant Multi-Function Sport Watch is a rugged and durable timepiece with impressive solar-powered multi-function capabilities, although some users have reported battery charging issues and inconvenience with the SIG setting location.

Casio SGW100B-3V Sport Watch


The Casio Men’s SGW100B-3V Digital Compass Twin Sensor Sport Watch is a high-quality timepiece perfect for sports, work, or any activities involving water. With a 200M water resistance, this watch is designed to withstand water-related activities. It features a direction sensor and temperature sensor, providing accurate readings for both direction and temperature. The large LCD display ensures easy readability, and the mineral glass protects against scratching. The watch also includes basic timekeeping functions such as world time, stopwatch alarm, and day-date-and-month functions. With its durable resin case and comfortable cloth band, this watch is a reliable companion for any adventure.

Water-resistant and durable
  • Quartz movement
  • Protective mineral crystal
  • Resin case
  • Day-date-and-month functions
  • Water-resistant to 660 feet (200 M)
  • Legendary Casio quality
  • Features of a G-Shock without the high price
  • Comfortable to wear on the wrist
  • Very accurate digital compass for outdoor activities
  • Multiple timezone display for international travelers
  • Clear display screen
  • Nice accuracy expected from Casio
  • Some users found the temperature reading to be inaccurate when the watch is worn on the wrist
  • The compass may need to be calibrated regularly for accurate readings
Recommended choice
Overall, the Casio Men’s SGW100B-3V Digital Compass Twin Sensor Sport Watch is a high-quality and affordable option that offers great features, such as a reliable digital compass and multiple timezone display, although some users experienced issues with the temperature reading and occasional calibration of the compass may be needed.

Casio SGW100 Men's Digital Watch


The Casio Men’s SGW100 Twin Sensor Digital Watch is the ultimate timepiece for those who value durability and functionality. With over 30 years of engineering expertise, Casio has created a watch that can withstand centrifugal and impact forces, as well as high water pressure. This G-SHOCK watch is trusted by military personnel, law enforcement, surfers, and outdoor enthusiasts around the world for its unrivaled durability. Not only is it highly regarded for its durability, but it is also a fashion statement, worn by icons in hip-hop, sports, and design. With its limited edition collaborations, you can always find a G-SHOCK that matches your personality and style. The watch features a dual level screen that is easy to read, even in low light conditions. The buttons on the side are designed for easy and comfortable pressing, unlike other watches that have recessed or hard-to-press buttons. The Casio Men’s SGW100 Twin Sensor Digital Watch also boasts features such as a stopwatch, world time, timer, alarm, and compass, making it a versatile companion for any adventure. Its comfortable fit and durable construction make it the perfect watch for everyday wear.

Advanced Multi-Function Timepiece
  • Size of case: 51.5 x 47.6 x 13.2mm
  • Display range: -10 to 60 C (14 to 140 F)
  • 1/100 second stopwatch
  • Measuring unit: 1 degree
  • 10 seconds continuous measurement
  • Graphic direction pointer
Versatile and Reliable
  • Big, bold and easy to read display
  • Stopwatch function
  • World time feature
  • Timer function
  • Alarm feature
  • Compass function
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Large and bulky design
  • Crowded face and dial
Mixed bag
Overall, the Casio Men’s SGW100 Twin Sensor Digital Watch is a feature-packed timepiece with a bold display and comfortable wear, but its large and bulky design and crowded face and dial may not be to everyone’s liking.

Casio Men's Twin Sensor Black Watch


The Casio Men’s SGW-100-2BCF Twin Sensor Digital Display Quartz Black Watch is a reliable and durable timepiece. With its water resistance of 200M/100M, this watch is suitable for various water-related activities. The watch features a round black digital dial with a colorful bezel, adding a touch of style. It also comes with useful functions such as five daily alarms, a digital compass, thermometer, world time, backlight, stopwatch, and countdown timer. The 45 mm stainless steel case with a mineral dial ensures durability and longevity. Customers have praised the accuracy of the watch’s timekeeping and the effectiveness of the compass once calibrated correctly. Despite a minor issue with the thermometer’s accuracy while wearing the watch, overall, it is highly regarded by customers for its value and performance.

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Innovative Sensor Technology
  • Water resistant – 200M/100M
  • Round watch with black digital dial
  • Colorful bezel
  • Five daily alarms
  • Digital compass
  • Thermometer
Benefits of Casio Watch
  • Keeps time incredibly well
  • Compass works accurately once calibrated correctly
  • Good value for the price
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Limited options for changing the strap or using adapters
  • Thermometer may not work accurately while wearing the watch
Solid choice
Overall, the Casio Men’s SGW-100-2BCF Twin Sensor Digital Display Quartz Black Watch is a reliable and durable timepiece that offers accurate timekeeping, a functional compass, and a good value for the price, although it may have limited options for customization and the thermometer may not be entirely accurate while wearing the watch.

SUUNTO Core Sports Watch, Multiple Styles


The SUUNTO Core Outdoor Sports Watch is a must-have for any adventurer. Packed with intelligent features like a Storm Alarm, Altimeter, Barometer, and compass, this watch keeps you informed of conditions while you hike, bike, or camp. The dual times and date functions make it essential for any outdoor activity, while the sleek design and lightweight construction ensure comfort and durability. With a matte black face and easy-to-read display, you can easily access important information like altitude, bearing, and sunrise/set times. The backlight feature allows for easy viewing in low light conditions, and the button lock ensures that you won’t accidentally change settings while wearing gloves or asleep. Whether you’re a professional or a casual outdoor enthusiast, the SUUNTO Core Outdoor Sports Watch is the perfect companion for all your adventures.

Versatile and Stylish Design
  • Storm Alarm
  • Altimeter
  • Barometer
  • Compass
  • Dual times
  • Date function
Enhanced Performance
  • Low profile bezel for a sleek and comfortable fit
  • Lighter weight than expected, making it ideal for active use
  • Smooth matte rubber band with a secure aluminum clasp
  • Dark face with customizable display options
  • Backlight feature for easy visibility in low light conditions
  • Button lock to prevent accidental menu access or settings changes
  • Accurate altimeter/barometer readings and ability to track atmospheric pressure trends
  • Difficult to read in low light conditions
  • Thermometer readings are inaccurate when worn on the wrist
Reliable and stylish
The SUUNTO Core Outdoor Sports Watch offers a sleek and comfortable design with accurate altimeter and barometer readings, making it a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts, although it may be challenging to read in low light conditions and the thermometer readings may not be reliable when worn on the wrist.

Timex Tide Temp Compass Watch


The Timex Intelligent Quartz Tide Temp Compass Watch is the ideal accessory for the tech-savvy professional who loves adventure. This watch features multiple functions including a tide tracker, temperature sensor, and electronic compass, all driven by a dedicated fourth hand. The off-white dial with compass markings and a date window at 6 o’clock gives the watch a stylish and functional look. The adjustable brown 16mm genuine leather strap fits up to an 8-inch wrist circumference. While some reviews mention minor issues with missing parts or used straps, overall, customers have praised the watch for its handsome design, accurate mechanics, water resistance, and great customer service. With its many complications and durable build, this Timex watch is a steal at under $80.

Advanced Outdoor Functionality
  • Adjustable brown 16mm genuine leather strap
  • Off-white dial with date window at 6 o’clock
  • Compass markings
  • Tide tracker
  • Thermometer
  • Analog compass
Versatile Outdoor Watch
  • Handsome looking design
  • Super comfy brushed leather wristband
  • Accurate watch mechanics
  • Lumenescent hands and dial
  • Water resistant watch and band
  • Difficult to calibrate the compass properly
  • Poor instructions and lack of documentation
Mixed bag
Overall, the Timex Intelligent Quartz Tide Temp Compass Watch boasts a handsome design, comfortable leather strap, accurate mechanics, and water resistance, but is let down by the difficulty in calibrating the compass and lack of clear instructions.

AOSLSI Outdoor Sport Watch


The AOSLSI Watch Compass is a versatile and rugged digital watch designed for outdoor sports and adventures. This military-style watch comes with a range of features that include a compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, and pedometer. The compass function, along with dual time, allows for accurate direction finding during outdoor activities. The altimeter measures current height and provides a 24-hour history with an altitude graph, while the barometer displays local and sea level pressure. The thermometer can measure temperatures from -10°C to 60°C and can be displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. Additionally, the watch has a pedometer and pace tracking feature to monitor exercise conditions. The watch also includes a memory storage function that records the last 7 days of step, distance, calories, and sports time data without the need for an app. With its durable and waterproof design, this watch is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a reliable and multi-functional timepiece.

Versatile and Durable Outdoor Watch
Benefits of AOSLSI
  • Loads of features
  • Fairly easy to use
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Stylish design
  • Pedometer function
  • Dubious accuracy of some features
  • Screen fogging up and internal light stopped working
Good value
The AOSLSI Watch Compass offers a wide range of features at a reasonable price, making it a durable and stylish option for outdoor enthusiasts, though some users reported issues with accuracy and screen fogging up.

Survival Military Digital Watch


The 23-in-1 Survival Military Digital Watch is the ultimate outdoor companion for adventurous men. This multi-functional and adjustable wristband watch is designed to handle any situation you may encounter in the wild. It features an array of survival tools including a compass, paracord, fire starter, survival whistle, SOS LED light, card pin, thermometer, and more. The watch is bulky but fits comfortably on the average man’s wrist. Although the thermometer may not work perfectly, it is unlikely to be a major issue. Setting up the watch may be a bit challenging with the instruction manual, but there are helpful tutorials on YouTube. This watch will meet or exceed all your expectations, ensuring you are well-prepared for any outdoor expedition.

Durable and Tactical Design
  • 23-in-1 functionality
  • Dual display for time
  • Paracord band
  • Compass feature
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable wristband
  • Versatile functionality with 23-in-1 features
  • Dual display for convenient timekeeping
  • Waterproof design for outdoor activities
  • Difficult to minimize the band
  • Bulky size
Practical with drawbacks
Overall, the 23-in-1 Survival Military Digital Watch offers a versatile range of features, including a dual display and waterproof design, making it a practical choice for outdoor enthusiasts; however, the difficulty in minimizing the band and the bulky size can be drawbacks for some users.

Other Navigation Tools

Affordable and Reliable: Find the Perfect Watch with Compass at the Right Price

  • Budget range (under $50): These watches typically have basic compass functionality and are made from affordable materials. They may have simple designs and limited features, but they serve the purpose of providing a compass for outdoor adventures at an affordable price
  • Mid-range ($50-$200): Watches in this price range offer better build quality, improved compass accuracy, and additional features such as altimeter, barometer, and GPS. They often come from reputable brands, offering a balance between affordability and functionality. These watches are suitable for hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts who require more advanced compass features
  • High-end ($200-$500): Watches in this category offer premium build quality and advanced compass features. They are often designed for professional use, such as military or expedition purposes. These watches may have rugged designs, scratch-resistant materials, and enhanced durability. They may also include additional features like solar charging, advanced navigation systems, and smartwatch capabilities
  • Luxury range ($500 and above): Luxury watches with compass functionality are crafted from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, titanium, or even precious metals like gold. They often come from renowned luxury watch brands and offer exceptional craftsmanship, precision, and accuracy. These watches may have intricate designs, high water resistance, and a wide range of features, including advanced compass systems, multiple time zones, and detailed navigation functionalities. These watches are typically sought after by collectors, adventurers, and those who appreciate the combination of luxury and functionality in their timepieces

Frequently Asked Questions about Watches with Compass Functionality

Are there any maintenance or care instructions for a watch with a compass?

Yes, there are maintenance and care instructions for a watch with a compass. Here are some general guidelines to follow:

  1. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures: Extreme cold or heat can affect the accuracy of both the watch and the compass. Try to keep the watch within the recommended temperature range specified by the manufacturer.
  2. Keep away from strong magnetic fields: Magnetic fields can interfere with the compass function of the watch. Avoid placing the watch near magnets, speakers, or electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops.
  3. Regular cleaning: Wipe the watch with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove dirt, sweat, or moisture. Avoid using harsh chemicals or solvents as they can damage the watch’s exterior.
  4. Water resistance: Not all watches with a compass are waterproof. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the water resistance level of your watch. If it is water-resistant, make sure to follow the specified depth limitations and avoid pressing buttons while submerged.
  5. Battery replacement: If your watch is powered by a battery, ensure timely replacement as indicated by the manufacturer. A weak battery can affect the accuracy and functionality of both the watch and the compass.
  6. Regular calibration: Some watches with a compass feature may require periodic calibration. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to calibrate the compass accurately.
  7. Servicing: If you notice any issues with the watch’s performance, accuracy, or compass function, it is recommended to have it serviced by an authorized watch repair professional. They can diagnose and address any underlying problems.

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